Tackling That One Big Recipe

Yes, yes football season is almost here. SO, how could I not throw in a football reference? Huh? Well, seeing as how I'm more of a baseball and hockey fan, you won't get too many more of those. But it sure fit right here!

Anyway....most of us have at least one big recipe - that one big dish that we just haven’t been willing to tackle yet. Maybe we’re afraid we’ll screw it up. Maybe we’re just not ready to commit the time to it. Maybe we don’t have all the skills or techniques yet. Maybe we aren’t familiar with one or more of the ingredients. Whatever our reasons, I say it’s time to tackle it. THIS week. This coming weekend. 

Here's how you might go about it.

  • Begin now. Go pull out that recipe. Read it thoroughly- twice. Get to know the ingredients, the steps, the techniques, the tools. Go shopping as far in advance as you can. (Of course, some ingredients may need to be purchased close to the cooking day.)
  • Prep ahead. See if there's any prep you can do in advance. Purchase the ingredients, make sure you have all the tools and techniques ready. You may use part of this week to learn and/or practice any techniques you are not sure about.
  • Block out time. Make this a big deal. Put it on the calendar. Tell others that you'll be unavailable. This is going to be your time to make something special.
  • Be public. Let others know that you are trying something new. This may not be the time to invite others (since it's your first time making it); but, hey, family. They can be your guinea pigs, right?
  • Mise en Place. Get everything together (prepped, measured ingredients, tools, etc.) and ready to go before you start. Read your recipe through one more time. Highlight anything you are afraid you might forget. Read more about it here: "Mise En Place: Be Prepared".
  • Be ready for whatever happens. It's your first time to tackle this big recipe. Be ready for a win - or a misstep. Hopefully it will come out a winner. But maybe have a back-up plan ready just in case things go really south. And if it's just a partial success? Big deal. Eat the dish you made. Make some notes about how to improve - and move on. 

The important thing is to tackle something bigger than you’ve tried before. Maybe even something you never thought you could make. What a win that would be! What a feeling of accomplishment! And if it doesn't come out perfectly, what's the worst that could happen? You have to toss it (we've ALL done that!) - and you've learned something from the experience.

So tell me, what recipe is your “white whale”? (OK, maybe that's TOO strong a term.) Which one has been on your mind for a long time? Which one will you tackle this week? Be public. Tell us in the comments section. Make sure you come back here and tell us how it went. Take and share pictures. Good luck!!

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