Recipe of the Week: Pistachio-Raspberry Cake

The weekend is here. A three-day weekend at that. As we get ever closer to summer, beautiful, fresh berries are appearing more and more in our markets. So, why not start to put them to work, huh? I've been scanning around looking for a great recipe to share with you that employs those berries. And I found one! Truth is, I found loads of them. The hard part was picking one to focus on for this week. I chose this one because (1) it's so darn good and (2) it gives us a little info you may not have known. Oh, and a little sweepstakes you may want to drop your name into. (More on that in a sec.)

So my latest Recipe of the Week is Pistachio-Raspberry Cake from

Let's start with the basics. This recipe should take you about an hour or so. Not bad. And, c'mon admit it, an hour spent with flour, eggs, sugar, almond extract, raspberries, etc. is not a bad way to spend an hour, is it? Also I should mention that about 3/4 of that time is baking time. Prep time probably won't take you more than about 15-20 minutes.

To make the recipe start by preheating the oven (to 350ºF) and greasing a 9 inch x 2 inch cake pan. Finely grind the pistachios in a food processor. That's a 30-second job. Put the ground pistachios a bowl and whisk in the flour, baking powder and salt. 

This recipe mixes the batter in a stand mixer. If you have one, great. If not, you could use a hand mixer. It just might take a little more work and an extra minute or two. To make the batter, beat together the butter and a 1/2 cup of the sugar until it's all light and fluffy. Then you beat in the eggs one at a time. Then you beat in the almond extract (which is one of my favorite ingredients!). After all that is beaten together you slowly mix in the flour mixture - stop when it's all just combined. Your batter should now be ready.

Next you gently fold in the first package of raspberries (the recipe calls for two 6oz. packages) and spread the entire thing into the prepared pan. Smooth it out evenly. Then you drop some of the remaining raspberries on top (save some for serving) and sprinkle with the remaining tablespoon of sugar.

Then it all goes into the oven for 40-50 minutes. She suggests rotating the pan about halfway through baking (always a pretty good idea to ensure even baking). The cake is done when it is a nice golden brown and springs back when you press it in the center. When done, cool the cake on a wire rack. To serve this dish, she suggests using bowls and spoons - and serving with whipped cream and the reserved raspberries.

A few pointers she hands out:

  • Use pistachios that are roasted, unsalted and still in the shell. 
  • Almonds can be used instead of the pistachios.
  • If you want, you can lightly dust the cake with confectioners' sugar and top with some chopped pistachios. This would look great!

And now the educational part. Jenn (the Foodess) freely admits that this recipe is really more of a "buckle" than a cake - and touches on why she named it a cake anyway. Along the way she shares info about how you can know the difference between a buckle, a crumble, a crisp, a cobbler and a brown betty. Some of these differences may be a little subtle, but they are differences nonetheless. It's worth digesting (get it?) those definitions. Valuable stuff that I'm glad she shared.

Also, the post in which she shares this recipe is a sponsored post. No problem there, of course. She turns us on to some great resources at Driscolls, the 100+ year old, family-owned berry company. And as an added bonus she points us to a sweepstakes that Driscolls is having until July 31, 2016. So jump on in there!

Now a word or two about the blog. It's a great one! Jenn's background is in food science and nutrition. Earlier in her career she was a recipe developer in a professional test kitchen and provided technical baking support for a flour company. She now is a full-time blogger, freelance food photographer, recipe developer, and food writer. I really enjoy her posts and her recipes. She's won numerous awards, and her writing has appeared in many, many publications. She hails from Canada (currently Vancouver, previously Eastern Canada). Hmmmm, maybe that's why she "accidentally" switches her "Es" and "Rs" in words like "center". Imagine spelling it "centre"! (LOL. I always like to tease people from Canada, UK, etc. about that one.) But, I digress. You can read more about Jenn on her About page. Be sure to check out her wonderful blog. I know it will become one of your favorite resources and inspirations!

And lest we forget, it is Memorial Day weekend here in America.
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