Recipe of the Week: Caramelized Onion Crepes with Honeyed Blue Cheese Sauce

What is it that made this recipe catch my attention this week? Well, a couple of things. First, I have to admit it. I’ve been on a bit of a blue cheese kick this week. I picked up some blue cheese at the market the other day and I’ve been finding ways to include it wherever I can. I love it’s strong, tangy flavor. I’ve been eating lots of cheese lately, but mostly of the mainstream cheddar, butterkäse, swiss, and havarti varieties. Blue cheese just sounded like a really good alternative with a punch of flavor. So when I saw this recipe with a honeyed blue cheese sauce it just spoke to me. :)

deBuyer blue steel crepe pan

deBuyer blue steel crepe pan

Secondly, I came across the beautiful de Buyer blue steel crepe pan I picked up a few months ago and have used exactly ZERO times! Time to break it out...

In addition, where else are you gonna find a recipe that tells you how to make great crepes AND caramelized onions - and an interesting sauce too? Oh yeah! So, this week’s Recipe of the Week just had to be Caramelized Onion Crepes with Honeyed Blue Cheese Sauce from

A few quick thoughts before you jump in. Know that you'll need to invest about 45 minutes to make caramelized onions. That's what it takes to make them properly - and end up with wonderful sweet soft onions with a rich, dark, caramel color. Mmmmmm. The rest of the recipe will only take 15 minutes or so. And the prep is pretty easy - maybe 5-10 minutes.

The crepes bring together milk, flour, eggs, water, butter, and salt. That's it. Just bring them together as the recipe says - flour and eggs, then milk and water, then salt and butter. Once your batter is ready, lightly oil the pan and bring it to medium-high heat. The most challenging part of this recipe is the cooking technique. Pour about a 1/4 cup of batter in the pan. Swirl it so it covers the whole pan. After about 2 minutes, the bottom should be a light brown. You loosen the from the pan with a spatula and flip it. Different people will swear by their method. Some use a pancake spatula, some use their fingers, and there's even a crepe turner tool (which looks like a flat wood paddle). First try a spatula you have on hand or your fingers. See if those work. If not, find a tool that works better. You'll find a method or tool that works best for you. Anyway, once you do get that sucker flipped over, it will only take about a minute to finish it off. Remove it from the pan and make the next one. Keep going until you use up all the batter.

Here's a little tip to keep your crepes warm while you prepare the sauce. Stack them on a baking sheet with strips of parchment paper in between each one. Place them in a warm oven at 200-250°). The crêpes will stay warm without drying out or sticking together.

As for the sauce, use a medium-sized sauce pan over medium heat. Then put in  the olive oil (only a tablespoon) and then the garlic and shallots. These cook quickly (maybe 30 seconds) so be ready for the next step. You add in the white wine (or water if you prefer), then the heavy cream. You cook that for about two minutes - with an occasional stir. The sauce will start to reduce and thicken. As it does, add in the blue cheese and stir. Cook it another minute or two then remove it from the heat, add some salt and pepper and then a few tablespoons of honey. Your sauce is now done.

Put is all together by taking a flat crepe, put 2 Tablespoons of the onions on top, fold in half and then in half again. You put it on your serving plate and drizzle a Tablespoon of sauce over it. Make them all and serve 'em up!

Now just a bit about - a member of the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance. LocalSavour is very focused on the idea of local produce, knowing the "how" behind how it's grown and produced, and sharing ideas about how go get the best from local farmers markets. She brings to you a ton of great family-friendly recipes using the most local ingredients available. I love the site - and I know you will too! Be sure to check it out.

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