Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion

Dear friends -

In this space every Friday I typically share a Recipe of the Week. As you most likely are aware (Christian or not) today is the Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion, the day Jesus Christ was crucified. As Catholics, for my family and I it is a day of observance to reflect on this (and is also a day of fasting and abstinence). It is not a day for work, but a day or remembrance and reflection.

Today (as every Friday in Lent) we pray the Stations of the Cross which reflect on Jesus' last day on earth - from his arrest in the garden at Gethsemane through his crucifixion and burial. And we join in our Liturgy of Good Friday. If you would like to read today's Bible readings from the Catholic Church, I am happy to share them here: Daily Readings (via the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops).

So, no Recipe of the Week from me today. I thank you for respecting our beliefs, our traditions, and our observance. I will be back with a Recipe of the Week to share with you tomorrow.