Recipe of the Week: Maple Roast Vegetables

Well, here we are. The week before Thanksgiving. Lots to do. Lots to cook. Lots of recipes to sift through. Let me add a wonderful Fall recipe to your list for consideration. This one's relatively simple - and will make all your guests (especially us vegetarians) happy. This week's Recipe of the Week is Maple Roast Vegetables from one of my all-time favorite websites

As I said, this recipe is a pretty simple one. But, as you know, when you roast veggies they are transformed. That's doubly true for fall and winter vegetables. They are denser and heavier and when roasted produce a wonderfully sweet dish. And this recipe adds that miracle flavor, maple. Yum!

So, here's how it goes. The recipe calls for several types of vegetables - carrots, onions, red bell peppers, and delicata squash. The only place I'd suggest veering away from the recipe is when it comes to the squash. The recipe directs you to half the squash, remove the seeds, and roast the half-moons. For roasting, it helps to have the food cut to relatively similar sizes. That helps keep some the veggies from being undercooked and some being overcooked. I'd recommend peeling and chopping the squash to about the same sizes as the other vegetables. Also, I bet you can think of plenty of other veggies you'd like to include in this recipe. And I'd say, go right ahead and mix in other similar vegetables like potatoes, parsnips, and other types of root vegetables and winter squash.

Once all that is settled, all it takes is some chopping and mixing (after adding in maple syrup and salt). Once the vegetables are well-coated you can either (1) head right for your oven or (2) put them in a plastic bag and let them store overnight. If you are considering this recipe for Thanksgiving, you might consider the overnight method, so you can do your prep the day before and just roast them on Thanksgiving. (What a great way to use your oven while your turkey is cooked and resting.)

One word of caution, the recipe calls for about 50 minutes of roasting. Several commenters noted that they overcooked their veggies. I'd suggest giving them a stir at about 15 minutes - and then checking on them again at 30 minutes. You'll know they are done when the vegetables are tender and are a golden brown. Nice!

And that's it! A great Thanksgiving side (which your vegetarian friends and family can make more central) that's easy to do and provides a wonderfully flavored vegetable dish. You can't go wrong letting this dish find it's way to your Thanksgiving table!

As I mentioned above, is one of my favorite sites. In addition to a huge bank of recipes, it provides some good cooking advice, solid info on different ingredients, and some easy-to-follow how-to videos.

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