Recipe of the Week: Mushroom Dutch Baby with Roasted Chanterelle Butter

OK, I admit it. I love, love, love mushrooms! And on my social media accounts I've shared a few mushrooms-included recipes lately...a creamy parmesan polenta risotto with mushrooms, a mushroom, butternut squash & gruyère tart, a vegan "chicken" pot pie, and plenty of others. So you know when I see a great recipe involving mushrooms (and this one uses 20 ounces of mushrooms!), my eyes get wide with anticipation. And this one definitely caught my attention. It's a lovely mix of a savory dutch baby, covered in mushrooms, and a creamy mushroom-infused butter. Wow! So, this week I'm featuring Mushroom Dutch baby with Roasted Chanterelle Butter from as the Recipe of the Week.

So, here's what you need to know. This recipe is a labor of love. You'll need to invest a little time (perhaps 2 hours or so) to get it all done. Think of this recipe in three parts: the butter, the mushroom topping, and the Dutch baby.  About 45 minutes of that time is roasting the mushrooms for the butter and cooking the mushrooms for the mushroom topping. You'll invest about another 40-45 minutes for the Dutch baby. And, of course there's some prep time (about 30 minutes worth). And when you're done? You'll have an incredible breakfast and/or brunch dish that will "wow!" anyone.

As for the recipe, each step is relatively simple: roasting mushrooms and pureeing them with butter, cooking mushrooms with a few simple ingredients on the stovetop, and whipping up a Dutch baby in your cast iron skillet. (And I should also point out that the awesome butter can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.)

I should also mention that Eva (the site's owner) includes info about her online photography, styling, and branding workshop that's starting in February 2017. And if you see the stunning photography on her site you know this lady knows what she's doing! You can learn more about it here:

As you know, my Recipe of the Week posts are all about sharing the great recipes I stumble across that other bloggers have developed. In that spirit, I like to share a bit about the blogs and especially the bloggers behind them. Eva Kosmas Flores is the talented "photographer by day, food blogger by night" behind AdventuresInCooking. She lives in Oregon (where she returned in 2014 after a stint in LA) where she freelanced as a photographer and as a cookbook author. In addition to her great recipes, she shares info about homesteading, travel, and other topics. She also recently released her cookbook, Adventures in Chicken: 150 Amazing Recipes from the Creator of In my humble opinion, AdventuresInCooking is definitely worth adding to your normal reading!

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