Recipe of the Week: Maple Cookies with Brown Butter Frosting

OK, let's just admit it. Maple is sure having it's day in the sun. It's a flavor that's been trending amongst foodies and chefs for the last 18 months or so. We're seeing it pop up as an ingredient on restaurant menus, added to other foods, and we see consumers becoming more savvy about pure maple syrup, grading, and origins. Is that a bad thing? Heck no! I, like so many of you, love the warm sweet taste of maple. It's one of those flavors that says "Fall" to me. So as I scanned around for more great Autumn recipes to share with you, I cam e across this one. It's a cookie recipe with a nice maple flavor and adds not just frosting, but brown butter frosting that adds real depth of flavor beyond just another sweet frosting slathered on a cookie (as nice as that is). This week's Recipe of the Week is Maple Cookies with Brown Butter Frosting from House of Yumm.

This is a relatively simple recipe that layers in some great flavors that add a lot of depth beyond the simple cookie. This is a bakery-style cookie that are soft, moist, and relatively thick. The maple flavor is subtle and not overpowering. If you want to boost that maple flavoring House of Yumm's author, Serena, notes that you can add some maple extract. It's a great recipe that you can whip up in only about 30 minutes. 

You start with making the dough, of course. In addition to the ingredients you would commonly expect in a cookie (flour, eggs, butter, etc.), it also includes sour cream (from moisture) and of course a nice dose of that wonderful maple syrup. Pulling together this dough won't take you more than say 10 minutes or so. You bake and cool the cookies as with most similar recipes.

While they are baking turn your attention to the brown butter frosting. People are a little shy about trying brown butter, but really it couldn't be easier. The recipe gives you simple-to-follow instructions. The brown butter adds a deeper, more nutty flavor - perfect for a Fall cookie. When it's ready, you add a few more ingredients like sugar, cream, and vanilla. Can you smell this nutty, vanilla frosting yet? And while your making that, you'll start to smell that sweet maple-y scent wafting out from your oven.

Once the cookies are cool (and the frosting's cooled for a minute or two) you bring them both together. And now you have 4-5 days to consume them. Prediction: You won't come anywhere close to 5 days!

Have I tempted you yet? I hope so. This warm, moist cookie bursting with the flavors of Fall is that warm and comforting type of recipe that I just know you'll want to try.

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