Recipe of the Week: Roasted Pumpkin Soup With Brown Butter and Thyme

So, Halloween is only about a week away. Pumpkins, pumpkins are all around us. Actually, have you noticed that as soon as we hit the beginning of Fall in late September, pumpkin EVERYTHING just explodes all around us. Coffees, baked goods, stews, soups, etc. I don;'t know about you, but I kind of get sick of seeing pumpkin shoved into just about everything, all the time. Sometimes it feels an inauthentic marketing thing. But I've also noticed that as we get later into Fall (like now) come of that craziness dies back. Or maybe we just don't even notice it anymore. Maybe we've just been so overwhelmed by it all that we start to tune it all out. Well, this week's featured recipe is one authentic, civilized pumpkin recipe. It's made from real pumpkins (read: not canned pumpkin puree). When I came across this recipe I just knew it had to be featured as my Recipe of the Week. So, here's Roasted Pumpkin Soup With Brown Butter and Thyme Recipe from

This recipe will take you about 2 hours start to finish - with about 30 minutes of active work time. As I mentioned, it starts with splitting, scooping, and roasting sugar pumpkins (or kabocha squash). This step takes about 60-90 minutes. Then you use your Dutch oven to add aromatics and other flavors. Next, you purée in the blender to craft a wonderfully smooth soup. A final step creates an awesome thyme brown butter for drizzling over the soup. (I have to admit, I can think of a ton of places to use that brown butter sauce!)

One more thing to note. You can keep this recipe vegetarian by choosing the vegetable stock instead of the chicken stock. Go check out this wonderful soup recipe to get exact ingredients and cooking instructions.

I'm guessing a lot of you are already familiar with J. Kenji López-Alt's Serious Eats website. His award-winning column, The Food Lab, does a great job of taking the mystery out of cooking by helping us understand the science behind what's going on as we cook. The website itself is a great mix of recipes, techniques, cooking guides, and tons of interesting features on food, history, and cooking. And J. Kenzi is the author of The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science (winner of the 2016 James Beard Award for General Cooking and the IACP Cookbook of the Year Award). If for some reason you're not familiar with Serious Eats it's time to check it out.

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