Welcome to HomeChefsMarket.com!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I thought that a great way to kick off this blog would be to explain why I’m writing it. After all, there are food blogs and recipe blogs all over the place. And so many of them are just great. So, what’s my unique contribution?

Well, as I looked around I couldn’t many people talking about some of the other aspects of cooking - the tools and gadgets, the techniques, the creativity. I want to add to that conversation. This blog is for those of you that can just lose yourself in a kitchen store for hours on end. My goal is to share my knowledge and my passion for the kitchen with you - and hopefully inspire you to reach out there and try new things.

A little background. I love to cook. And I love kitchen and cooking tools and gadgets. And I know so many of you do also. But it’s a little more than that.  You know the guys who like working on new home projects sometimes just as an excuse to buy a new tool? Well, we’re kind of like that with kitchen and cooking tools, aren’t we? We want to try out the new and the different – and sometimes we’ll be attracted to a recipe simply because it gives us the excuse to buy the new kitchen gadget or tool or pot or pan or baking dish or….well, you get the idea.  

Will I share recipes? Sure. Just mostly not my own. I’ll share some of the other great ones that are out there (with proper attribution of course). :)

I plan to explore and see what new and useful (or just plain fun) tools I can find. I’ll share them with you, comment on them, talk about how to use them, and more.

I promise to mix in lots of photos and maybe even a little video. I’ll dive deep into this world we all love! And we’ll have lots of fun along the way! I want this to feel like a stroll around your favorite kitchen store. A look at all the cool, fun tools.

And (warning!) I’ll probably drop in a little food science where it makes sense too. LOL

Cooking is fun and creative. So let’s have some fun along the way! We’ll keep it light and fun – and, okay, maybe a little irreverent at times.

So let’s have some fun. Let’s explore new things together – new tools, new techniques, new recipes. Let’s become better home cooks…with the coolest, most fun tools around!

It’s great to have you here! Be sure to sign up for updates, so you’ll always here when new content comes online.

And I believe this should be a two-way street. If there’s something you’d like to know about, learn about, or read about just let me know.

My goal for HomeChefsMarket.com is to inspire home cooks to build their skills, select the right and most useful tools for them, and most of all just have fun and fall in love with cooking.