The Most Overlooked Tool in the Kitchen

So many kitchens have so many items. And many of them never (or almost never) get used. So, it was a little hard for me to pick the one tool I think gets overlooked and underused. I finally settled on a good pair of tongs.

Now I have to admit, I fall into the category of having some and never using them. Until about six months ago. What happened? I bought a pair of OXO 12-inch tongs. I have found them to be one of the most useful tools in my kitchen. 

So many people have a pair outside near their grill (hopefully some long ones!) but not in their kitchen. Shame. Get some for inside too! Here are a few things you will find yourself using them for:

  • Pulling things out of hot water like corn
  • Turning pieces of meat in a skillet
  • Tossing around stir-fry in your wok
  • Flipping and rotating delicate and breaded foods
  • Removing hot items (like baked potatoes) from the oven

Yes, you can even do a few unconventional things with tongs like super-squeeze citrus, reach items on higher shelves, or pulling toast out of an oven. I bet you'll find many more uses for tongs than you think!

The ones I love are these OXO 12-inch Tongs. The silicone tips are heat-resistant to about 600 degrees Fahrenheit and won't scratch your pans. They also have a great locking mechanism - which keeps 'em together when you are not using them. Super-handy!

Dang, tongs! Where have you been all my life?


So, do you have a favorite tool you have just discovered in the last year or so. What’s your go-to tool?