Add a Pinch of Creativity to Your Meal

So, it's time to make dinner...again! Sigh. Another chore to get through, right?

For some, cooking is just drudgery. For others it’s fun. For some of us, it’s a creative outlet. It’s a way to not follow every single instruction to the letter. We like to try new things. We like to experiment. We adjust recipes. We modify ingredients. We mix in a little more of this. A little less of that. Use a new gadget or tool.

Here are some ways to liven things up in the kitchen. (NO, I'm not talking about that!)

  • Try a new recipe. Go ahead. Try something new. What's the worst that can happen? I've screwed up many a recipe - and very, very few had to get tossed. I think that's why God invented Chinese take-out anyway!
  • Try an old recipe - but make it new. So, here’s a challenge for you – the home chef. Flip through your favorite cookbooks and pick out a recipe that just jumps out at you. Make it…but don’t feel beholden to the exact recipe. Play with it a little. Make it your own. Put your stamp on it.
  • Learn a new technique. Look for recipe that requires you to try something new. You'll feel good that you tried (and probably succeeded at) something new.
  • Pick up a new tool or gadget. C'mon, what's more fun than playing with a new toy?
  • Turn on some music. I'm a classic jazz lover, so someone like John Coltrane, Miles David, or Bill Evans may be playing in my kitchen. Put on something you love!
  • Entertain. Have guests over for dinner and/or cocktails. Hint: Don't save ALL the cooking for when they are there. Make sure you have time to enjoy your guests.
  • Partner up. Find a friend or family member and cook something together. You'll get to split up the duties - and have a blast together!
  • Teach. Sometimes one of the most fun times you can have in your kitchen is to teach someone one of your recipes.
  • Take a class. OK, I know. So technically this is outside the kitchen. But, it's sometimes a great way to kick up that creativity. Go alone. Go with a friend or a group of friends. Give it a try!

Be free. Be creative. Don’t be afraid. It's time to make cooking fun again! The rest of our life is full of precision, following directions. Let us be free in the kitchen. Let’s try new things.


OK, so share! What ideas do YOU have for making cooking more enjoyable and creative? Drop a comment below and tell us.