Recipe of the Week: Pear Galette

All week long I'm following, reading, and sharing so many great food- and cooking-related resources. Recipes. Tips. Techniques. Tools. Gadgets. So much great stuff is out there! And as you know I like to highlight one recipe right here on the blog that catches my eye each week. So, here's this week's entry.

My Recipe of the Week is Pear Galette from the blog at Williams-Sonoma

The recipe calls for three "firm, but ripe, pears". So just a quick note about how you know a pear is ripe. The USA Pear Bureau has an easy phrase for remembering how to determine if your pear is ripe: "Check the neck". Just apply gentle pressure to the neck of the pear with your thumb. If it yields to pressure, it’s ripe. 

Also, a word you'll come across in this recipe is one you might not be familiar with: "frangipane". (I have to admit, I wasn't.) So what is frangipane? It's an almond-flavored cream or paste...similar to marzipan. In this recipe it's used as the layer under the pears on this beautiful tart.

The recipe also uses Williams-Sonoma's Basic Pie Dough recipe which you can find here: Note that the dough can be made ahead and frozen for up to two months. Or if you have a favorite pre-made pie dough or a pie dough recipe you like, you can substitute that one.

Did you know?

Pears are one of the few fruits that don’t ripen on the tree! Once they’re picked, they need a little time for their sugars to develop, then they ripen (and sweeten)...from the inside out. 

In the U.S., pears typically peak during late August through September in the South, and September and October in the North. So you're seeing tons of great pears in the market right now. They are definitely in-season.

So if you're looking for a beautiful new dessert to try for Thanksgiving (or anytime throughout Autumn!), I suggest you give this one a try! And let me know how it turned out.