Recipe of the Week: Grilled Mexican Corn

Have you ever smelled corn as it grills? (Just a hint, it's sometimes referred to as Mexican street corn also.) For me, there are few smells that are better. It has a great smokey flavor that the corm absorbs nicely. If you haven't tried it I strongly encourage you to give it a try!

This recipe keeps the corn grilling part to a minimum. It's pretty darn simple. What it throws in to take it up a step is this wonderful sauce with a little kick to it spicy-wise. Drizzling your corn upgrades the corn - and, yes, the messiness content! No problems here!

So, here's the recipe for you to check out: Grilled Mexican Corn. It comes from a really wonderful blog called "Feast + West". I love it because Susannah delivers an intersection of food, design, and travel. I often find inspiration there - and I think you will also.