Recipe of the Week: Apple Dutch Baby

OK, I freely admit that I am a sucker for almost anything that has apples and cinnamon. It Just screams "Autumn!" to me (my favorite season of the year). So it's no shocker that this recipe caught my eye this week as I scanned through some of my favorite recipes. I just couldn't resist, so this week's Recipe of the Week is Apple Dutch Baby. This specific recipe is from North Shire Lodge in Manchester, VT via Bon Appetit magazine (October 2014).

They are typically served for breakfast (although i don't know why it couldn't be served any time!). They are traditionally served with powdered sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice, but if you hunt around the web for just a few minutes you'll find other variations that can work well - toasted nuts, whipped cream, a caramel sauce. Be creative!

It puffs while it bakes - and then deflates quickly as it cools. Kind of a neat thing to watch! Think of a semi-sweet pancake with a firm, eggy apple custard in the center. It's not overly sweet - which I like. And the smell while it cooks is unbelievably good - apples, cinnamon, apple cider syrup, vanilla, brown sugar. What's not to like? 

And, by the way, if you want a little extra time in the morning the syrup can be made in advance (up to a week according to the recipe). Just bring it back to room temperature before you serve it. 

Dutch babies are also known as "German pancakes". Although, most people would say that the term "Dutch" is really just a version of the word "Deutsch" (or German). Story has it that the phrase was coined by a family-run restaurant in Seattle called Manca’s Cafe, which was owned by a man named Victor Manca; and that it was his daughter's mispronunciation of the word "Deutsch" that gave Dutch babies their name. Let's give the Germans their due on this one!

So, they ya go! Apple Dutch Baby. Now, does that sound like a great way to start your weekend tomorrow or what? Start with a big, sweet apple pancake - and your family will thank you for it! Enjoy!