What it really boils down to is this.


More and more of us are taking an interest in cooking at home - using the best techniques, exploring new tools and gadgets, and creative recipes.

I started HomeChefsMarket for several reasons.

I have a passion for great home cooking and learning all that I can to add to my "toolkit" - new techniques, new tools, new ingredients, new recipes.

In talking with others, I was astounded by how many of us like-minded people are out there.

Over the last couple of years I had the opportunity to consider becoming an owner of a spice shop and of a kitchen store. I decided to decline both opportunities (long stories!). A number of people encouraged me to pursue my love of the kitchen and start my own online business instead. So, here I am!

While there are tons of food blogs that primarily feature recipes (and I LOVE so many of them!), there are many fewer online resources focused on kitchen and cooking tools and techniques. Home ChefsMarket.com will help add to the information that's out there.

I want to bring a sense of discovery and fun to the gourmet home cook.

So, let's get cooking!